Doing Dry January? 5 Sober Alternatives To Drinking In January

5 Sober Alternatives To Drinking In Dry January

Christmas and New Year and all the fun stuff that comes with it is now sadly a distant memory. We’re all back into the swing of things at work and many of us are trying out a Dry January. If you’re used to a tipple or two throughout the week, or just on the weekend, cutting out completely can prove difficult. You need to think of things that will take you mind off sipping a delicious, cool beer.


So, to help you out, we’ve put together a few suggestions below. These sober alternatives to drinking in January will help you detox and have a successful Dry January.


no drinking january

Try a new hobby or class

Dry January is the perfect time to take up the class or hobby you’ve always wanted to start. It doesn’t have to be anything too physical. Just something that will keep your mind from nipping off to the pub or sipping a cold one from the fridge. Once you start your new hobby or class you’ll wonder what took you so long to get round to it. Live is too short to keep putting things off and a new hobby could change add a lot more to your life.

Game nights

Having a few drinks and doing something fun is usually a great time. But it’s easy to forget just how much fun you can have while sober. If you want to get active during Dry January, why not get involved in some of the many table tennis clubs around like Ping Pong club Bounce? There’s also a darts Fight Club which has an electric atmosphere on the night. There’s even plenty of places to play crazy golf, if that’s more up your alley.


flight club dry january

Treat yourself

If you’ve been saving for a while and aren’t sure what to spend some of it on, how about treating yourself to something special? January is a great time to get away from the cold UK weather. Plus, you get to enjoy new experiences abroad without falling back into old routines that might involve drinking. Or simply spend it on some new clothes, a new TV or something else you can really enjoy. Dry January is about putting you first for a change and if you’ve worked hard to save, why not enjoy it a little?

Make goals

Getting through Dry January can be tough. The 31stof January can seem a lifetime away at the start of the month. A good way to keep motivated is to set yourself some achievement goals. They can be as big, or small as you want. Based on individual days or weeks. Whatever works best for you. There’s nothing better than meeting a goal you’ve set and feeling good about it. And when you make it to the end, who knows, you might just want to see how long you can keep going.


make goals in 2019

Get active

Dry January falls in-line with all of our New Year’s resolutions. It gives us the best chance to finally hit the gym, or put on our running shoes to hit the local park. Drinking adds calories, so if you are already cutting back, why not get even healthier? Running is one of the best ways to keep fit and is great cardio exercise. When you do one mile, then it’s two and a 5K is only another mile away. Running is addictive and once you start, you might never want to stop.


get fit dry january


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